Checkbooks, those checks where you get to write and sign the check as a mode of payment, used to be a trendy way of paying your bills. Lots of businesses have also loved accepting checks for payments, wherein they get to  have the checks personally changed into cash with the feeling of a sealed success on it. Nowadays, checkbooks along with the chance of writing to one are just a part of showing how hip and trendy you are. A whole lot of supermarket retailers just like Fresh and Easy  and other Whole Foods in an instance will not accept checks as a mode of payment.

Whenever a certain customer puts out a checkbook and a pen at the checkout counter to pay the cashier, other customers just stare at him/her looking gloomy. In today's world of instant electronic payments checks that take days to collect on seem positively anachronistic. You know that checks are on the way out when you try to go shopping for a wallet and you can't even find one that will hold a check register anymore.

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The checking account and the checkbook facility that it rests on are easily on its dying days. Banks are preparing to phase the check concept out in a few years. One thing is for sure; checks are going out with the baby boomers. Why do these retailers have lots of decline checks? First and foremost, they send up the costs of handling check fraud. And of course, they save money by not needing to add more checkout counters to ease rush hour when lots of customers are holding lines up with their check writing.

Who would’ve thought that lots businesses which are primarily beaten up by the global recession are into something likely irritating to most of their clients. On the part of these merchandisers, making unnecessary purchases for supporting checkbooks, checks and anything like it, is definitely an inviting solution. It is certainly getting into something. Most especially now that big fashion retailers such as Banana Republic and Gap are on its way to make trials to get rid of checks from their respective systems.

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Do you wonder who on earth it is that writes checks, because it seems like such an unnecessary thing? Studies showed that no one else but the elderly people are the ones who are fond of writing on checks. The younger generation today are apparently at ease in using electronic payments such as credit cards and debit cards or even the usual cash on hand. Only five years ago, checks were completely and firmly entrenched. It's down to 4% of the population now for the number of people who going to use them on a regular basis.

All gas stations, small restaurants, boutiques nowadays are posting small signs such as, "No checks please." Their reasons for unfavoring checks is because of the check’s tendency to bounce. Although, fraudulent purchases using a stolen debit card may still be charged on the debit card owner, these retail stores still get their money. And to a retail outlet, getting money out of a check costs $3.50. On a debit card, it costs mere pennies. And about the cost of transporting checks to the bank? Even using cash cost money these days. All these are just a part of the worldwide transition to a more affordable and effective means of doing payments, which is something we should all be glad about.

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